Chacma Baboons

The University of Cape Town decided that it will no longer use wild-caught baboons for medical research. Although the university has not been involved in either the trapping or housing of baboons, UCT made the commitment to purchase baboons that were intended for research purposes and to send them to the Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education (CARE), to whom financial assistance has been given for the building of a sanctuary to house the baboons.

All baboons were treated for TB and other infectious diseases relocation to the sanctuary.

Beauty Without Cruelty is delighted with the decision made by UCT to release the Chacmas to the care of a sanctuary, and for their commitment to no longer make use of baboons for medical research. We commend all involved for their efforts in the success of this scientifically sound and humane decision.

Donations to the baboons feeding costs

BWC has agreed to cover the feeding costs of the baboons over the next 5 years, which translates into many thousands of Rands monthly. To this end, BWC needs your financial support to accomplish this.

Please send your donation today to:
Beauty without Cruelty
Standard Bank
Branch: 025109
Savings Acc: 077 491 645.

Please include a ‘B’ in your reference line to ensure your donation goes directly to the care of these fragile animals.

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